Placements & Outreach


The DEN Centre commenced with its first group of pupils in May 2017. Evaluation forms were returned by mainstream teachers, SENCO’s and the main clients – the pupils themselves once the placement was complete. Positive feedback was given and the children seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed their time in the DEN.

Our second group of 8 pupils started in our new building on the Willowcroft site on 25th September 2017. We are currently all getting to know each other in this lovely welcoming and nurturing environment.

DEN adults provide outreach across the whole Didcot Partnership. Presently, a total of 96 pupils have received some form of outreach support and this number is continually growing.

Special Needs Co-ordinators (SENCos) can nominate children for support from the DEN Centre by completing a ‘Request for Intervention’ form.  They need consent from parents to complete this form.  A group of professionals involved with the project will then look at the requests and offer the school and the child carefully considered support with the aim of helping children make the most of the learning opportunities available to them.

Please speak to your child’s Headteacher or SENCO if you think a DEN referral would benefit your child.