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Lego Challenge

26 September 2017 (by Northern House School (Oxford))

Fun working together in The Nest

In the Nest this week we have been spending a lot of time getting to know, and welcoming our new class mates. We have been learning all about our new school and finding out where everything is. As part of our circle time we were given the challenge of creating 3 class models. We worked in pairs and were given a Lego base and a box of Lego each. We were given 10 minutes to start creating a model. After 10 minutes each pair moved to the next model and added on to that. We repeated this activity until everybody in the class had helped create each model. We then returned to our original spot to inspect the changes. The only rule was, we were not allowed to take anything off that someone had put on. To see the picture gallery, please click the link:
Link: http://northernhouseoxford.schooljotter2.com/school-news/20172018/lego-challenge